Hey future [insert own amazing goaltitle]

Welcome to iDPOET coaching, we do things a bit differently, we are professional, educated and want you to kick a**

  1. First of all, we want it to be affordable, so you can get premium training plans for cheap. Base rate is 99DKK/15USD/14EUR per month. Choose your plan here, and change it as often as you would like.
  2. Our coaches are pay as you use <-- yup pretty great idea right!
  3. We are athlete centered, and wan't to give you everything you require as an athlete
    1. coaching
    2. treatment
    3. massage
    4. bikefit
    5. swim-bike-run-strenght technique training
    6. advice and guidance
    7. the iDPOET community
  4. Lets gooooooo!