1-1 coach sessions

Now here is where being in the iDPOET family really pays off. All we offer is what we think is essential for optimal performance, and general wellbeing. These prices are just for you, and also what keeps this iDPOET ship moving forward.

Coach sessions are your 1-1 sessions with your coach. It can be in person or via Skype. Use them for anything. Or be sneaky and book your coach with some friends to split the cost.

  • Physiotherapy
  • Talking about your progress and use of the coaching plan, make sense of TSS, watt or other hard to understand training data.
  • Massage done right from a physiotherapy standpoint.
  • Bikefit, jump in for a quick Retul session, view small changes on a quick 30 min session, this might be the best bikefit deal anywhere.
  • Coach joins a training session, to make sure its done correct, or bring him along to have a talk about training.
  • Technique work running, cycling or in the water and much much more…
  • Make your coach work 200DKK/30USD/27EUR per half hour session*. Just contact your coach to book a time. *Out of office sessions we book an hour minimum.