Aarhus Bike Show 2018 day 1

So i had been looking forward to the bike show hitting Aarhus, it really didnt dissapoint. The venue was Ridehuset, inside and outside for booths. And Aros for speakings and movies. I especially was looking forward to to a speaking by Ole Ritter and Erik Clausen. Two danish icons. I have left a full gallery all the way in the bottom for you TL:DR people. Lots of goodies in it.

Ole Ritter and Erik Clausen.

Ole and Erik raced together in their youths, both very talented. Ole went on to become one of the greatest riders of all time, and Erik went on to become an artist. The speaking lasted close to an hour, and was a memory lane thru pictures and film clip. Spiced with Ole's inside pro stories and Erik's great sence of humor. Time well spent.

Yes honey that is me and the Pope.

This would be my tinderphoto!

When you bikefit what i look for at these fairs are often how different solutions affect my job. Saddle and stem systems especially, it's not something the normal consumer considers, but adjusting x setup on one bike could be 20 mins more cumbersome on another bike. And that really is a bad solution for the mechanic, the bikefitter and in the end for the customer. A bike is a tool, and should be easily serviceable. Can i get an Amen for the Ritchey 1-bolt seat clamp system. I get warm and fuzzy inside when those roll in for a bikefit.

This is the Enve solution, it's actually ok to work with, only gripe i have with it, is that it is not flippable. Or at least i think it is'nt, correct me if im wrong. Would be great for triathletes if it were.

One of the few solutions that dont give bikefitters a instant eye tick.

A booth specialicing in carbon frame repair had this Frankenstein frame, A Cannondale up front fused to a Pinarello. That guy is going to end up with a horses head in the bed once Italy sees this. No, great fun, he said it was for when he couldnt really decide if he wanted to go on the road or single track.



Lightweight was there, and it's just so freaking delicious. I want to marry it all. It's one of the few products with outrageous prices that i don't get outraged by.

Would look wrong with Sora on it right.

Holy carbon batman, beautiful. No idea how it works tho.

The all black version of this was stunning.

Disc of dreams. Think they actually take dreams and put them inside, hence the light weight.

Im hitting the fair again tomorrow, i left a full gallery of my day below.