As an athlete, when should I see a physiotherapist?

The common approach for the general public is to visit the physio when they have an injury that limits doing a certain activity e.g. exercise, work, sleep etc. This is all well and fine since we book more sessions treating an injury, than we do when giving guidance on to how to avoid an injury 😀

Fun aside here is what I recommend to all iDPOET athletes, even self coached athletes come by for this, hell everyone should, its just common sense. Have a proactive approach!

As an athlete no matter what your skill level is, any downtime because of an injury is not desirable. It most likely will affect your cardiac/respiratory fitness, your strenght and more often than not, also your motivation. So how about taking your body as seriously as you do your expensive bike. I recommend coming in every 6 month for an iDPOET Check-up which is like a service for your car/bike. We spend 30 minutes going thru your body assessing muscle lenght, muscle tone, joint movement and I asked into sleep, sickness, motivation and stress levels. If we find anything, we can book a follow up session, or more often than not, you allready are aware of how to adress the issues yourself via our guidance.

So in my opinion you should see your physiotherapist/coach as often as you see your dentist (or ought to see your dentist:)

Pricing for the check-up are our normal rates see our rates and book here.

So what are you waiting for, book an iDPOET Check-up session today.



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