A proper session working on your positioning with a physiotherapist is one of the best investments you can make. We use a combination of the Retül Bikefitting system combined with knowledge from the physiotherapy toolbox.

We fit road, triathlon, CX and MTB. And can accomodate both normal 9mm bikes and thru-axle systems.

A first time fitting usually takes somewhere between 1½ and 2 hours.

When fitting in a stationary position (as all fitting is done) you won’t feel the full effect of the fit until you hit your desired terrain. Being able to book sessions as short as 30 minutes helps with making minor adjustments post initial fit. Or if you just want help setting up a new handlebar, saddle, pedals or clip-ons.

What to bring along for your fitting session:

  • Spare parts like stems, saddles, pedals etc you have lying around.
  • The clothes and shoes you will be riding in.


iDPOET Athletes

Make your coach work 200DKK/30USD/27EUR per half hour session*. Just contact your coach to book a session.

Non iDPOET customers

250DKK/40USD/33EUR per half hour session*. Just contact us to book a session.