Blocparty 1, 2018

So yesterday was the first Bouldercup of 2018, at my local bouldergym. It's in the northern part of Aarhus, Denmark. I 100% had to go, I did OK for me, was #36 out of 70 something participants. I skipped a few problems which were a bit too dynamic for my arms liking right now.

The format was as follows. Pay entry fee (100DKK for members), then you had 4 hours 14-18 to complete as many of the 25 problems set up for this comp. You fill out your own scorecard with attemps to top and zone. Best 5 women and men went on to finals. The final had 3 new (hard) problems for the finalists.

I made a short video from the day, including the mens final problem. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel, would help out a bunch.

I've put a gallery with all photos at the bottom of the page.

If you have never been to Aarhus Boulders, you should drop by next time you are around Aarhus, coffee is cheap and damned good. And the walls have problems for days, and are easily colourgraded with green being the easiest, followed by yellow, blue, red, black and grey. Also on the walls are quite a few granite problems with holds from danish Nature Climbing.

Cafe on the left, great atmosphere everywhere.

Great atmosphere all day long.

I brought Aviaja along for the day, and she had a blast, she climbs regularly, and if you would like to experience what bouldering does for a 5 year olds mobility and perception of own body you will be amazed at how kids evolve at a place like this.

Kids wall, fastest way down.

Aviaja has started working on some of the adult problems, only the height still scares her a bit, but she climbs as high as her comfort zone allows.

She wants to climp barefoot 90% of the time.

Aviaja was'nt as exited about the finals as i were, so she was in the sleeping bag watching My little pony in the middle of the crowds.

Aviaja watching My little pony with finals going on in the background.

The finals had some great problems the route setters can be very proud of, sadly the last male problem was'nt sended during the comp, but Rasmus (winner) was very close. He did send it after the finals, you can see a bit of it in the final clip in the video. Got a great pic of W3 tho.


Huge GZ to all the winners, wauw you are strong. as allways all the comp problems are staying on the walls for some time, so hurry up and get there if you want to try them out, I know I'm going as soon as I can use my arms again 🙂

Womens 1-2-3 from left: Ida, Clara, Folke.

Male 1-2-3 from left: Jens, Rasmus, Vojtech.

Here is the gallery of all pics.

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