Climbing Greenland

I am Greenlandic, born and raised in Nuuk. I've always loved sports of any kind, so when 2 french climbers visited Nuuk when i was only around 13-14 years old and taught my uncle some climbing i was hooked. Using every muscle in your body to ascend small rocks or big mountains thru ice, snow, glaciers or granite i didnt care. I just wanted to be out there, where the silence was deafening and the connection to nature was as close as it could get. I can close my eyes, and still smell the scent of warm greenlandic granite on a summer day.

Greenland is perfect for climbing, beautiful rock everywhere you look, boulders literally everywhere, alpine climbing summer and winter and plenty of ice to smack your axe into. And this is all in walking distance. Add a boat into the mix and you have routes for the rest of your life.

When i was climbing i got all of my friends into it as well, needed someone to hold the other end of the rope, and my friends crazy as the were, many got hooked as well. But we were the only ones climbing, and when i left my good friend Lasse kept on climbing, but talking to him lately, not much is happening these days.

We bolted a few routes that we regularly climbed on, the rest was trad climbing.

While i did my physiotherapy degree i worked on an idea i had to change public health in Greenland, numbers for diabetes 2, smoking, obesity are way too high. We have some of the best nature in the world right outside our door, but how do we encourage people use it. First of all we can try and draw some parallels to Japan where hiking has become so popular the routes are like congested highways. So a solution could be making hiking routes of varying difficulty around cities, and train people on how to use them, and guide people on them. Routes can be walked or run. Rockclimbing can be a very safe sport if routes are bolted and graded, and easy access to trained guides and entry level courses are available.

id say its time for a new national sport, using our beautiful country. Lets goo.

Everyone from Greenland knows where to find a boulder like this.

Trad climbing just behind Nuuk, would be a great idea to bolt a lot of routes here

Heres a picture of a route i never got to do, i want to get up and around that roof, we had to give up on it here since it was very hard to secure with gear. I NEED to go back and do it.

If you are a crack addict, you have found your new home.

Alpine climbing, heading thru a glacier to get up a couloir for a ascent of Hjortetakken a short boat ride from Nuuk.

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