Malik vs. Pilates reformer

If you want to progress, you want to keep your body learning new skills. Branching out from your priority sport can often be very useful. Especially if you give it some attention, real focus. You should want to be good at it. I want Pilates Reformer to be a part of my training regime, classical Pilates Reformer, Like Joseph Pilates thought it out, he also invented the Reformer back when things were in black and white. I actually did my Bachelor in physiotherapy about the implementation of the Reformer in the phyisotherapy, so feel free to ask my anything, and ill check if i have the answer stuck in my head somewhere. Back on track, I think of Pilates as martial arts, theres a endless quest to perfection, and it provides me with 3 things that i need in my other sports which is climbing, triathlon, running, cycling and cross country skiing. Stamina, flexibility and body awareness. All of which i want my level to be n+1.

I had just done an hour class with Charlotte and we agreed to try and challenge each other a bit, a short session with bodyweight exercises (which really wasnt hard enough for her, ill get her next time, she is going to do the iDPOET workout called Run like Bolt tomorrow at the track with me, its just an endless parade of 200M intervals, muarhahahaha), and a short session with Pilates Reformer exercises. Theres a short vid of it right here.

We worked a bit on squat positioning, squats are life!

And when we went on to work on toes to bars, or well toes to air since we were hanging from a Core Balance system, which didnt make it easier.

I you are ever in the area you should try out Charlottes studio and jump on one of her classes, check out her website here and follow her insta which you can see here. You are following my insta right!

Now im just looking forward till tomorrow, I need to find new batteries for my megaphone!

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