News to all iDPOET athletes

We have as most of you know, been working on some major changes to the pricing structure here at iDPOET. This should have a positive effect for all of you, and I will go over the changes that will affect you. The changes were made to accomodate the way all of you are using our coaches, and to boost my vision of cheap professional coaching, and a large vibrant community of active people.

  1. Its getting way cheaper like WAY F****** cheaper 99DKK/15USD/14EUR per month this however is with a basic Trainingpeaks account, if you want premium, you now have to upgrade it yourself. You dont have to do anything to get the new price, we are changing it for you during this month. And new athletes can register today on the site and get the new price.
  2. We have moved location to Havlundsvej 11 in Skæring/Aarhus. Swim is right down the street, on the cycling route and great running along the shore.
  3. Coaches are now able for hire for anything you might need. If its going thru your training progress, company on a ride, technique work, massage all for 200DKK/30USD/27EUR per half hour session.

We are still the same professional coaches, we still love it when you drop by the HQ and we hope these changes will help our community of iDPOET athletes grow even more than it has allready done in the past years.

I hope you all welcome the changes and please help spread the news so even more athletes can take advantage of how we do things.

I will be in Copenhagen during the weekend for IRONMAN Copenhagen, hope to see lots of you guys there to cheer on our athletes competing. Or just drop in to say hello.

If any of you guys have any questions regarding the changes please contact me, and i will be happy to answer any questions.

All the best

Coach M

ironman U