This is where you get the story of iDPOET

First lets get the name out of the way, originally it was a name derived from my last name Reiding + projects. But later it got to be somewhat of a life slogan for me. I don’t piss on every tree, meaning that its possible to be a person without the need to mark your territories, a, be a nice guy sort of thing.

To begin with back in 04 it was just a blog, documenting what happened day to day, during travelling to competitions, style, new science and all the new tech I love.

I did my first iron distance race back in 03 at Challenge Roth, damn it was a weird cool sport back then. Still is, just in a different way. I’m in love with most sports, but triathlon is very special to me. I’m by no means a superfast guy, I’m a SUB10 kindda guy. But I’m not done with my PR’s just yet 🙂

Started coaching back in 11 and now am an Physiotherapist, IRONMAN certified coach, ITCA certified international triathlon coach, POSE running technique specialist.  I’m pretty passionate about what I do, and enjoy most things I choose to spend my time on.

What we do now is provide science backed training, professional guidance and a place where you as an athlete can get most of your needs covered.

Dont be a stranger

Malik Reiding