Opening reception: New HQ @ Viby stadion, Aarhus

So this is the story about how iDPOET ended up with a dream location, totally unplanned.

So most friends and athletes know that I am currently finishing up my BA in physiotherapy, ill be done in 2 months time. The "plan" was to wait until i was done, take a bit of time off, and then start searching for a location for a iDPOET HQ. In my head id have a place by march/april. So why am I moving in during november? Well Viby stadium, and the athletic track has been my "home" for quite some time, doing all kinds of sessions with my athletes there in the past 3 years. On a day there with one of my athletes there was a for rent sign in the window of the bottom floor, I was hypnotized. The thought of sitting in my workplace looking out onto a 400M track was pretty damn nice! I wrote down the number on the sign and thought id call it some day. I made it to the parking lot, and I had to call, if nothing else to have some dude tell me the price, which more than likely would be no where near my budget. After talking a bit about the location the very nice guy informs me the price, its in my budget range.... my 3 months from now budget, Theres no budget now, Theres no money. So i did what any normal 40 year old man would do, i called my mommy and daddy! And they saved the day!

This location is perfect in so many ways, let me start with the track, as a physiotherapist, as a running coach, having a perfectly calibrated running/walking track right outside the door is the stuff dreams are made of. Showers and changing rooms, behind a coded door with 24/7 access for all iDPOET athletes, yes yes yes. 70m2 with 2 treatment rooms and 1 small room for private talks and 1 large room for hanging out, bikefitting and doing exercises.

Please drop by on the 2 of december, its nothing fancy, but a chance to look around drink coffee and say hi. Heres a link to the FB invite.

Were not officially a physiotherapy until i graduate on the 9. jan, but still do a lot of:

  • Coaching, plans towards most big races IRONMAN, Copenhagen Marathon, La Marmotte etc. starting at DKK99/month Gather 10 friends or colleageus and we will make one just for you!
  • Bikefitting on our Retül system
  • Massages MASSAGES. Just making muscles work better.
  • Guidance, yep, just talking is one of the most used bookings
  • Run technique coaching
  • Swim technique coaching

As allways, the deal with iDPOET is that we make science carry our work as far as is possible, we have a social concious pricing and we want you to train more, spend more time with family and friends and work less.

See ya

Coach M