Physiotherapy is having a great understanding of the body, being able to assess issues, having a scientific approach and most importantly know how to make people take steps to improving themselves. Physiotherapy is coaching.

I graduated from VIA University College in 2018, my speciality is a broad knowledge and having years of working with athletes. Identifying issues and finding the right treatment which fits into peoples lives. Finding the best option for you is always a top priority, which is why I also often refer to specialists.

To book a session contact us. Every uneven week it's possible to book evening sessions.

iDPOET Athletes

Make your coach work 200DKK/30USD/27EUR per half hour session*. Just contact your coach to book a session.

Non iDPOET customers

250DKK/40USD/33EUR per half hour session*. Just contact a coach to book a session.

*Out of office sessions we book an hour minimum.