Session: Charlotte vs. #runlikebolt – 200M interval track workout

Charlotte from Freespirit Pilates is at it again, and she wants to work on her running. So I invited her out to the running track at the iDPOET HQ doorstep. The workout du jour was an iDPOET workout called #runlikebolt its a max speed, 200M interval workout. Main focus is gaining new motorskills at higher speeds. Bipedal gait running or walking is a very difficult task, and is something we as physiotherapist work a loooooot with. What we need to understand is that running at different speeds requires different skills, there are minor adjustments to every movement. A run session like this I try to teach what goes on during the run gait, since understanding the basic mechanics greatly helps speeding up learning. Step 1 in any workout is having an answer to the inevitable "why the hell am I doing this".

I made this video which pretty much explains what went on, and I think we both had a blast. I am also sure Charlottes legs are pretty toast today! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel, trying to get that show on the road!

If you would like me to do any kind of session with you, just contact me. There is stuff to learn, even if you just want me to explain what the hell VO2M, HR, HRR, HRV etc. means, everybody keeps saying it 😀

Step one, find the 200M start.

Step 2 pose

Step 3 teach

Step 4 lie down and enjoy the sun

I hope you enjoyed the post and the video, I will be back with a new athlete session soon.


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