So what am I training for right now?


I get asked all the time where I'm at with my own training, what's happening next. Well on the above picture you see my traning diary and my current sports watch, and my 3'rd espresso of today. Most know me as a triathlete since I did my first IRONMAN in 2003 thats 15 years of triathlon training and I love the sport. But I am currently taking a bit of a breather to focus on iDPOET and enjoy other adventures. I am still coaching 90% triathletes and still swim, bike and run to keep fit. But I am off the digital life of Trainingpeaks, TSS monitoring and measuring my morning resting HR every day of the week. When i ride my bike I only use my watch to know what the time is, and enjoy the wind in my face, when I run, I run and when I swim, I swim.

I love all the different ways we as humans can use our bodies, right now I am bouldering alot, some might know i used most of my teens hanging on a greenlandic cliff and it brings me so much joy. My goals are losely set, but one thing is for sure, the mountains are calling. I want to run thru nature and climb routes I dreamt of in my 20's.

The goal of iDPOET has always been to create enjoyment in staying healthy and it will stay on course no matter if members of the iDPOET family chooses to do triathlon, run, bike, climb or play ping pong. Explore the capabilities of your body and set new goals and embark on adventures that thrill you.

Lets goooo


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