Transavia, why are we still here…?

Transavia "we are from whatever country who doesn't need to compensate you"

Because you don’t care about customers, thats why.

So you want to fly Transavia, well here is a copy of my complaint letter I sent to them after my flight with them this Christmas. I think I’m a pretty patient guy, but leave me without food for 15 hours, hmmm i tend to get cranky. Lost training equipment for 4 days, even more cranky. Don’t answer complaint mails or follow compensation guidelines for delayed passengers….. well I’m just not gonna fly with you again. I guess the 6 travels i bought with them the past two years is not enough to apply customer service.

“Hi Transavia,

We did not get our luggage until the 26th of december at 20.00 at night, and you need to compensate both me and my girlfriend for the delay. We can see that the delay according to danish regulation has a maximum of app. EUR 1000 per person, and this is the amount to be transferred to our account mentioned lower in this mail. We were promised a maximum responsetime of 48 hours, and since I sent the mail regarding this on the 23th, this is gravely overdue.

Secondly you need to compensate us for our delay on our flight from Las Palmas to Copenhagen.

We need for the delay EUR 400 per person + total refund of flight tickets, since we were a lot more than 5 hours delayed, which had absolutely nothing to do with weather issues.

Check-in times, according to our flighttickets, we should have been able to check in 2 hour 50 min before departure from copenhagen, but actually it didn’t open until 1 hour 50 min before.

You failed to live up to regulations during our delay, and offered no food or drinks at all during an app. 15 hours delay totaly.

There were little to no information. We had a EUR 30 taxiride to our hotel, since there were no bus for us to get us there.

There were 50 min. delay on the flight from Amsterdam to Copenhagen. Your own staff from the flight the day before were 15 minutes late for the flight. Staff were offered free food, but no one else were. I guess the staff were staying at Hilton across the street, and not like us 6 km away from the airport.

I also suspect that your pilotes violated our flight safety, by working too many hours, and would like your response to this.

I would like to note that onboard the flight from Amsterdam to Copenhagen, the staff said that since we were flying with a dutch company and we were originally on the danish, they didn’t have to give us any food or drinks. Later when talking to your phoneservice (Martin Agent 4111) he said that we were dealing with a dutch company that didnt have to follow Danish flight regulation. Not even your own staff knows who they are working for, or you are deliberately trying to misguide and confuse us as customers.

I have to be compensated for my time on the phone to you, and your handler Novia total 4 hours 7 min. at EUR 0.75 a minute total EUR 185,25”

2 comments to “Transavia, why are we still here…?”
2 comments to “Transavia, why are we still here…?”
    We flew with Transavia last week to Amsterdam. The baggage handlers destroyed our child’s buggy (value £200). We filled out the claim form but they would not lend us another buggy as they only lend them when they are lost?!?!? We had to go to buy another buggy as we did not want to spend the whole holiday in the hotel. There are no shops selling buggies in central Amsterdam (even the huge department store in Dam square De Bijenkorf don’t stock them) so we had to travel 10 train stops out of town to buy another.
    We bought the cheapest equivalent buggy at €280 but as we do not have the original receipt for the buggy as it was a gift, they are offering us a maximum of €60.
    Take out extra travel insurance or make sure you have the original receipt for the buggy…..or use any another airline other than TRANSAVIA.

    • Hi Peter,

      Thank you for your post, good idea to gather more stories about Transavia here. So if anyone outhere has some stories please let us know, so we can gather some information about this airline, as their customer tactics clearly is to ignore until people lose hope.


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